Axyn Robotique and Teamnet bring useful robotics to education

teamnet et axyn pour l'éducation

Teamnet and Axyn Robotique  combine their expertise to offer robotics solutions for education. Teamnet offers e-administration solutions for local authorities and Axyn Robotique is the French manufacturer of telepresence robots. Their common goal: to offer telepresence solutions to allow sick, disabled or prevented children to be present in class thanks to a robot.

Like writing, which facilitates learning and memorization, the preservation of the social link with the school environment via a robot allows the child to be autonomous, to participate and to exchange in a fluid and expressive way with other students and teachers. At 100,000 videoconference sites, the robot displays logos on its torso, tilts and turns its head to express emotions.

Intended for schools, colleges, high schools and universities, the 100% French solutions proposed by the two partners thus aim to set up a real “face-to-face” service for children or students who cannot come to their school.

These solutions will accelerate the use of this “useful robotics” in educational institutions and will benefit from Teamnet’s 32 years of recognized expertise with local authorities and administrations to build high-performance telepresence solutions that are perfectly adapted to the needs of education. Axyn, for its part, has already equipped more than 20 schools.

“Unlike the company, the school environment obeys strict rules that aim to protect students and facilitate the work of teachers with children, it is in this context that this unique partnership in France has become essential…” explains Frank Anjeaux, CEO of Axyn Robotique. “We want to give teachers an innovative tool to ensure that pedagogical continuity is institutionalized in their schools, and allow young people to continue their learning while maintaining links with their peers. »

“It is the synergy between our respective expertise in telepresence and the deployment of solutions dedicated to the education and family sectors on a national scale that makes this high-performance and innovative offer possible,” confirms Bertrand Fache, CEO of Teamnet.


L’ouverture au cœur de l’e-éducation

In order to be able to adapt to all establishments and all situations, the solutions proposed by Teamnet and Axyn Robotique benefit from the historical choices of these two companies, which have made openness one of the recipes for their success:

Ubbo Expert is a telepresence robot based on an open robotic platform both in terms of hardware and software. Thus, the Ubbo range can adapt to the needs of different markets and customers with new applications, interfaces or connected objects. Ubbo already makes the happiness of the students prevented in about twenty secondary schools in Bouches du Rhône and many schools in France.
TEAMNET is the first publisher to have integrated tools from the “free” world into its solutions (such as the Lutece Open Source web platform: the driving force behind the “Facil’Familles” portal for the city of Paris). 120,000 Parisian families use the “Facil’Familles” services. Today, the company has the offer that is best suited to market requirements: a flexible and open software architecture, optimized to meet the needs and constraints of local authorities.

Logical and technical interoperability is therefore native, enabling both players to offer secure and stable solutions to local authorities and the French education system.

These 100% French solutions have been specifically developed to meet the high expectations of the French National Education system in terms of inclusion and pedagogical continuity for children who are unable to attend French elementary school, middle schools, high schools and universities.

This partnership dedicated to the field of education is a unique springboard for the development of useful French robotics.

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