On the way to Éducation Nationale

Yesterday, Axyn Robotique had the pleasure to be published by the Marseille edition of Provence in the context of the call for tenders of the French National Education on a fleet of robots for schools.

Thanks to our telepresence robots, students who are prevented from attending school (serious illness, long-term illness, disability) will be able to maintain their schooling by attending classes and activities in their class and school at a distance, keep in touch with their classmates and teachers and preserve their quality of life. Maintaining good conditions for the follow-up of the teaching is one of the key objectives of Axyn Robotique.

With this in mind, Teamnet and Axyn have decided to join forces to combine Teamnet’s size and capacity to manage large public sector projects with Axyn’s expertise and products in telepresence robots for business, education, healthcare and seniors.

An answer should be given at the end of August by the French Ministry of Education.


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