The solution for a better aging at home


  • More than eight out of ten seniors want to be able to live at home as long as possible and 1 in 4 people, over 75, have no more than 3 discussions a year with their family.
  • Creating the means to respond to this wish in the best possible conditions of comfort and safety is a genuine social issue. It is therefore important to support loved ones and caregivers by maintaining a simple and effective link between seniors and their entourage.
  • In the context of a senior care establishement, the telepresence robots optimizes a simple, fast and caring communication between residents and staff.


  • Teleconsultation saves precious time and efforts for a fast and accurate diagnosis leading to a faster and more accurate care. Technology must be able to help answering to basic teleconsultaion requireent alongside simple acts such as prescrition renewal for example.
  • In addition to the seniors market, telemedicine represents a solution for easy and fast access to healthcare in rural areas and lacking tspecific skills on site.

Benefits :

  • Offer a simple and effective tool of patient supervision and assistance to carers (removal of doubt, follow-up ...)
  • Breaking the isolation of seniors by facilitating communication with their loved ones
  • Provide effective telemedicine support

Product features designed for every specific need

  • Features and apps adapted to each use
  • HD camera, HQ stereo sound device, real-time sub-title capacity
  • 8 Hours autonomy
  • Autonomous movements
  • Proximity and antifall sensors



Type Telepresence Robot
Screen size 13.3 inches touch screen (HD)
Rotating Head Tilt / Pan
Autonomy 8 hours
Speed Ajustable up to 1m/sec
Dimensions h 1,60 meter, l 42 cm, L 39cm
Weight 21 kg
Connexion WIFI, 4G (PC, Tablett, smartphone)


Weight 10 kg
Motor number 4
Wheels diameter 100 mm
Base dimension 43x38x20cm
Height 1,20 m
Speed 0,5 meter/s
Slope 10 °
Autonomy 8 depending upon usage

Add features

Our robots can incorporate additional features (Optionnal).
These packs combine software modules, sensors and mechatronics elements that can be acquired separately for an even broader adaptability to the needs.


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