The telepresence robot created for technological learning (robotics = mechatronics + computer + electronics), techies (open source and available in kit or complete) and for seniors (small size and great maneuverability)

Main Features

It has an original and customizable design in various colors. It measures 1m30 and the size of its frame is 45cmx35cm. Its default autonomy is 4 hours of continuous use and 8 hours in normal usage condition.
It supports Android tablets from version 4.0 onwards.

It has 4 "mecanum" wheels allowing transverse movements left and right. This feature simplifies the remote control of UBBO. Indeed, in the case of standard wheels, if the robot is not in the axis of what we want to see, it is necessary to make a niche (a reverse by turning and then straight ahead) but blindfolded at the back, it quickly becomes complicated. With the "mecanum" wheels , this type of problem is simply solved by translating left or right. This type of wheel is also increasingly used in industry, especially on pallet trucks to simplify stacking packages.

It is Open-Source on the control / command part. Its chassis is controlled by an Arduino or Nucléo card and communicates in bluetooth with the tablet. It has 4 powerful motors and obstacle sensors.

Hardware characteristics

Weight 10 kg
Motor number 4
Wheels diameter 100 mm
Base dimension 43x38x20cm
Height 1,20 m
Speed 0,5 meter/s
Slope 10 °
Autonomy 8 depending upon usage

Software features

The robot's user interface, both locally and remotely, is managed by an application running on an Android operating system. The basic functions of the robot (motor commands, base return, sensor management, etc.) are managed by a specific dedicated firmware. Communication between this firmware and the Android application is via a serial link. Communication with the remote server is secured by using the https protocol. Audio-video communication is provided by the OpenTok service that uses WebRTC technology.


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