Ubbo Maker

The telepresence robot created for

  • technological learning (robotics = mechatronics + computing + electronics),
  • technophiles (open source and available as a kit or complete),
  • senior citizens (small footprint and great manoeuvrability).

robot de téléprésence pour les technophiles et les séniors

The Ubbo Maker concept

It has an original design and can be personalised in various colours. It measures 1m30 and the size of its frame is 45cmx35cm. Its default autonomy is 4 hours of continuous use and 6 hours of intermittent use.
It supports Android tablets from version 4.0 onwards (supplied on request).

It has 4 “mecanum” wheels allowing it to move left and right. This feature simplifies the remote control of Ubbo. Indeed, in the case of standard wheels, if the robot is not in the axis of what you want to see, it is necessary to make a niche (a reverse gear by turning and then straight ahead) but without visibility to the rear, this quickly becomes complicated. With the “mecanum” wheels, this type of problem is simply solved by shifting to the left or right.

It is Open-Source on the control/command part. Its chassis is controlled by an Arduino or Nucleo card and communicates in bluetooth with the tablet. It has 4 powerful motors and obstacle sensors.


Height1.25 m
Weight15 kg
Chassis dimensions47,5 x 35,5 x 10 cm
No. of driving wheels4 de diamètre 100 mm
Autonomybetween 4 and 6h
Head tilt upwards160°
Head tilt down20°
Moving speed1 m/s
Acceptable slope10°

How does it work?

shéma qui illustre le fonctionnement du robot de téléprésence

Where to find Ubbo Expert?

Axyn Robotique